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drive the future
of digital interactions

June 19th 2018
8.30am - 6.30pm

Cité de la mode
et du design,

Paris, France

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How would you like to
predict the future of
your digital interactions?

The Conversion Summit, drive the future of digital interactions: because, at AB Tasty, we believe that conversion rates and performance can only improve if we better understand and shape how we interact with digital technology - and crucially, if we harness the potential of automation to bring customer experience teams to greater creative heights. Be one of 600 participants to attend this one-day event dedicated to all things CRO.

Don't miss the first release of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty. The topic? CRO organization and methodologies in the U.S., France and the U.K. A must-see panel discussion with AB Tasty's co-founders.


We hope to see you Tuesday, June 19th starting from 8:30am at the Cité de la Mode et du Design.

Meet the speakers


1200 registers for the first edition of Conversion Summit ! 

What you will learn:

Join us at Conversion Summit to learn everything there is to know about conversion and user experience: personalization, AI, machine learning, optimization, consumer psychology...all subjects focused on our two main themes:

— The future of digital interactions between brands and consumers: understand the needs of the consumers of tomorrow

— Man vs. machine: finding the right balance between people and AI in order to ensure technology enhances human performance.










Fleur Pellerin

Fleur Pellerin

Managing Partner
Korelya Capital
Read Bio
Mounir Mahjoubi

Mounir Mahjoubi

Secretary of State for Digital Affairs
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Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz

Chief Psychology Officer
Online Dialogue
Read Bio
Chris Goward

Chris Goward

Founder & CEO
Read Bio
Bobbi Newton

Bobbi Newton

Global Luxury Lead
Google Cloud
Read Bio
Pascal Lannoo

Pascal Lannoo

Digital Customer Experience Director
Read Bio
Manuel da Costa

Manuel da Costa

Effective Experiments
Read Bio

Kirsty Lynagh

Chief People Officer
Read Bio
Olivier Guilhot

Olivier Guilhot

Global Digital and Experiential Marketing Director
Read Bio

Karl Gilis

UX Comedian & the G in AG Consult
Read Bio
Alex Caizergues

Alexandre Caizergues

4x Kitesurfing speed world champion
Read Bio
Alix de Sagazan

Alix de Sagazan

Cofounder AB Tasty
Read Bio
Olivier Jeannel

Olivier Jeannel

Read Bio
Rémi Aubert

Rémi Aubert

AB Tasty
Read Bio
Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Conversion Rate Optimization
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room 1
8.30am Opening
9am Introduction (in French)
Fleur Pellerin, Founder & CEO Korelya Capital
Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs
9.30am Panel (in French)
A panel discussion on the commissioned CRO study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty
Cécile Sallé de Chou, Head of Key Account Management, AB Tasty
Olivier Guilhot, Global Digital & Experiential Marketing Director, Sodexo Benefits
Pascal Lannoo, Digital Customer Experience Director, Oui.Sncf

Don't miss the first release of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty. The topic? CRO organization and methodologies in the U.S., France and the U.K. A must-see panel discussion with International speakers of the digital world.

10am Keynote (in English)
Why you fail at digital marketing?
And what to do about it

Karl Gilis, UX Comedian

Why you suck at online marketing ? Why words are so much more important than design. 7 universal but often forgotten principles to boost your online success.

LiveRamp workshop (in French)
Understand consumers. Do something about it.
Romain Gauchet, Senior Sales Executive, LiveRamp

In this day and age, in which clients' attention is in higher and higher demand, attracting the right people via your digital actions demands a lot of effort from marketers. This is why it is essential to put the client at the heart of your digital and marketing strategy. By implementing a people-based vision in every interaction and message you exchange with your audience, you can increase your conversion rates, while at the same time strengthening your brand image in the eyes of your clients.

CommandersAct testimonial (in French)

Michael Froment, CEO & Co-founder, Commanders Act
10.30am Panel (translated in English)
Do we need to collect more data to build the CRO of the future
Benoit Lelong, Chief Technical Officer, AB Tasty
Arnaud Legon, Customer Engineer Tech, Google Cloud
Franck Zerbib, Head of Customer Engineers, Google Cloud
Brice Lagroy de Croutte, Lead Developer, AB Tasty

More info coming soon

AB Tasty workshop (in French)
Test ideas worth their weight in gold:
3 ways to increase the impact of your tests

Léa Benquet, Customer and Partners Success Manager Team Leader, AB Tasty
Guillaume Le Roux, Customer Success Manager, AB Tasty

Découvrez des techniques et méthodes infaillibles pour dégager des idées de tests à fort ROI.
Soyez méthodiques, utilisez les bonnes pratiques pour mettre en oeuvre une stratégie d'optimisation on-site pertinente en lien direct avec votre business.

Léa et Guillaume deux consultants dédiés à l’optimisation des sites de leurs clients vous présentent 3 méthodes pour des idées de tests infaillibles.
Au programme : UX, analytics, datas et nos derniers cas clients !

Décathlon testimonial (in French)

Alix Fauveau, Associate Manager, Sutter Mills Inside
Aurélie Bastian, Manager Analytics et Conversion, Sutter Mills Core
Marie de Smedt, Responsable métier, Decathlon International

In the context of optimizing Decathlon’s image and video production, Sutter Mills proposed an innovative approach which mixed qualitative analysis and analytics. We were able to identify, by product category, which media were most effective on the product page in terms of conversions, as well as which ones didn’t have an impact, but proved nonetheless, by looking at the data, the importance of investing in certain types of content to increase conversions. In the end, this qualitative and analytics-based presentation enabled Decathlon to received detailed technical specifications which allowed them to rationalize their multimedia production costs.

11am Coffee Break & Networking
12pm Fireside chat (translated into English)
Optimization: the only way forward
Alexandre Caizergues, 4x Kitesurfing speed world champion
Rémi Aubert, CEO and co-founder, AB Tasty

Optimization also exists in the world of sports! And it's largely powered by technology and IT. The ultimate conversion for an athlete is to win a medal. Discover why, both in the physical and digital world, optimization is the only way forward?

Freespee workshop (in French)
Do your clients want to speak with robots?
Romain Blanc, Senior Customer Success Director, Freespee

How you can measure the impact of web to call, and make the CX of your customers and clients smoother.

Banque Casino testimonial (in French)

Caroline Buignet - Consultante Conversion, Uptilab
Caroline Rosset - Responsable Marketing Digital - Site bca.fr, Expérience Client et Transformation, banque Casino
12.30pm Keynote
Data to Diamonds: Monetize every GB of Data collected
Bobbi Newton, Global Luxury Lead, Google Cloud
Reelevant workshop (in French)

Vincent Martinet, CEO, Reelevant

During this workshop, we will explain concrete use cases to transform your marketing emails into 1:1 interactions, with personalization as soon as they're opened.

  • We'll go over different subjects:
  • Automating the creation of personalized content, the cornerstone of a 1:1 approach per individual
  • Using 'real-time' to achieve the individualization of content
1pm Trusted Shop workshop (in French)
UGC improves the client experience - discover the 4 rules for more conversions, traffic and engagement
Arnaud Buffard, Digital Marketing Lead and Mathilde Decaux, Partnership Manager, Trusted Shops

Recommendations have never been more effective, and they continue to play an important role in ecommerce and retailers' digital strategy. Join us to discover how each and every quote or star left by a consumer at all stages of the buyer journey influences purchase intent and grows your business, all over the world.

1.30pm Converteo workshop (in French)
How to integrate on-site personalization in a data-driven way to improve the client experience
Astrid de Julien, Manager, Converteo

In 10 slides

  • What personalization is, and what it isn't
  • What should be personalized?
  • What data should one use: to identify promising scenarios for personalization, to trigger personalization campaigns, to measure performance
  • Tips for getting started on the right foot
  • How to differentiate testing and personalization
  • We'll illustrate our talk with use cases
Webtrekk testimonial (in French)

Diego Semprún de Castellane, Managing Director, Webtrekk Spain

The traditional way of using web analytics is not helping enough to drive sales. Web Analytics as you use it is too far away from the marketing actions. The comfort zone web analytics tools only produce reports, this is not enough for your business. In this presentation you will see a totally different approach: New Customer Analytics that actively feeds, drives and delivers marketing optimization and CRO actions to selected audiences. Get out of the comfort zone and check what Customer Analytics means for your CRO.

2pm Keynote (in English)
Two children & the Psychology Behind Growing your Business & Customer Value
Bart Schutz, Chief Psychology Officer, Online Dialogue

Customers and A/B Testing experts are, when all is said and done, brains. And in those brains, more is happening than the experts and customers are consciously aware of. As a renowned consumer psychologist, Bart will introduce us to what he calls our "illusions of intelligence." Get ready for an 'inconvenient introduction' into what really drives you and your customers' decisions, experiences and memories. Besides an introduction into consumer psychology, Bart explains how to embed behavioral science in your own experimental programs, as well as practical examples and tactics on how to ethically apply behavioral science.

EDDO workshop (in French)
Effective redesign methodologies using continuous optimization
Gregory Amar, Managing Director, EDDO
Splio testimonial (in French)

Mireille Messine, CEO, Splio

Nombreuses sont les marques à remettre en question leur stratégie de fidélisation aujourd’hui. A l’heure de l’omnicanal et des changements des modes de consommation, le marketing de fidélisation se réinvente et devient progressivement la nouvelle façon de faire du marketing client et de faire du profit sur le long terme pour les marques. Découvrez comment mettre en place des programmes de fid classiques et 2.0 avec Splio.

2.30pm Panel (in English)
A panel discussion on the commissioned CRO study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty
Laura Linck de Romero, Senior US Business Developer, AB Tasty
Sarah Johnson, Conversion Rate Optimization, Assurant
Manuel Da Costa, Founder, Effective Experiments and CRO world online community

Don't miss the first release of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty. The topic? CRO organization and methodologies in the U.S., France and the U.K. A must-see panel discussion with AB Tasty's co-founders.

AB Tasty workshop (in French)
Test without limits
Adriano di Marco, Product Manager, AB Tasty
Antoine Delprat, Customer Success Manager, AB Tasty

AB Tasty already allowed you to test your ideas, to engage your audience and to personalize the on-site experience. However, certain key questions are still left unanswered: At what cart value should one offer free shipping? How long should you go before insisting on subscription to your premium offer? What fields should you keep in your sign up form? Server-side testing has just been developed to enrich our solution and answer all of the above questions. Are you ready to push the boundaries of testing?

Testapic testimonial (in French)

Nicolas GUIRAO, CEO, Testapic
  • Why listen to your users?
  • How should you conduct user evaluations?
  • When should you conduct user tests? What should you expect from them? (best practices - business use cases)
3pm Keynote (in English)
Humanity is our ultimate competitive advantage
Kirsty Lynagh, Chief People Officer, NUCLEUS

Why your company needs to optimize 'Employee Experience' (EX) before it can optimize Customer Experience (CX).

Wexperience workshop (in French)
In order to convert more, how can you create simple and emotional experiences in a world that is more and more complicated and technological?
Olivier Sauvage, Founder and CEO, Wexperience

In 2002, 85% of interactions between businesses and people won’t involve humans! At this point, in a world that is becoming more and more digitized, the users of tomorrow, rushed and fickle, will expect brands to create experiences that make their lives easier and allow them to be masters of their own interactions.

Olivier Sauvage, aka Captain Commerce and renowned User Experience expert, will share his vision for the trends of the future and the ways in which businesses can respond to a new paradigm: how to offer simpler, richer and more emotionally-charged experiences in a world that is more and more technological and complicated, in order to better convert and create loyalty. The answer probably isn’t what you’re expecting.

Flixbus testimonial (in English)

Sascha Scheuren, CSM Team Leader DACH, AB Tasty
Alexey Kuntsevich, Product owner of data products, Flixbus
Dmitry Gubanov, Technical Web Analyst,Flixbus
3.30pm Coffee break & Networking
4.30pm Panel (translated into English)
Will data protection make businesses more ethical?
Dounia Zouine, Senior Manager Digital & Data Strategy, Converteo
Jérôme Beranger, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ADEL (Algorithm Data Ethics Label)
Grégory Sroussi, Lawyer, Clifford Chance Europe LLP
Sébastien Knoll, Project Manager, AB Tasty

Is data protection synonymous with ethics and transparency? What's the best way to communicate about data protection? Can companies turn this new factor into a competitive advantage?

Equancy workshop (in French)
How to quickly win conversion points and obtain maximum ROI
Philippe de Ligniville, Digital Performance Director, Equancy
  • Where should you start?
  • How should you organize? What are the right profiles to mobilize?
  • How can you break down internal barriers?
  • How can you pace roll out to avoid overdoing it?
  • How can you manage the C-suite expectations to avoid disappointment?
AB Tasty testimonial (in English)

Auguste Usonyte, Senior Customer Success Manager, AB Tasty
5pm Fireside Chat (in English)
A use case on targeting
a niche market to create a scalable product

Olivier Jeannel, CEO, RogerVoice
Silviya Krasteva, AB Tasty
5.30pm Keynote (in English) Building your organization’s experimentation engine
Chris Goward, Founder and CEO, WiderFunnel

All great experimentation programs share common characteristics, underpinned by experiment validation and a proven optimization process. In order to profit from all the great ideas you’ve heard today, you need a unifying framework to accelerate your growth. In this session, international thought-leader Chris Goward will share the frameworks that you can use to create a winning “experimentation engine”. You’ll learn:

  • Characteristics of advanced experimentation programs and how you can achieve their results
  • How to find surprising insights about your customers’ emotional needs and states
  • Frameworks you can use to get more consistent winning results
6pm Closing comments from Alix de Sagazan & Rémi Aubert,
co-founders, AB Tasty
6.30pm End of the Event

Who will you meet?

Meet leading conversion rate optimization specialists.

Top managers, C-Level
Marketing, E-commerce, Sales
Project Managers

Digital, Innovation, Traffic, Data Scientists, UX, Designers


Refreshments provided by our official partner 😉


Address Les Docks
Cité de la Mode et du Design
34, quai d’Austerlitz - 75013
Wheelchair accessible Elevator
36 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris (beside the IFM)
Access ramp
32 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris
Métro Gare d'Austerlitz (5 minutes by foot)
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Gare d'Austerlitz (5 minutes by foot)
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Bus 24, 57, 61, 63, 89, 91
Parking Parking Cité de la Mode - Austerlitz
(29 quai d'Austerlitz 75013 - Paris)

About AB Tasty

Founded in 2011 by Alix de Sagazan and Rémi Aubert, this dynamic start-up offers innovative conversion rate optimization solutions - following a data-driven approach - and has the fastest growth in all of “Silicon Sentier” (France’s version of Silicon Valley.) In just a few years, AB Tasty has risen as leader in the conversion optimization market, gaining the trust of more than 600 enterprise clients and 15 billion users tested thanks to its high-quality service and unparalleled professionalism.

Additionally, the company was recently selected as one of the most innovative start-ups in the ecosystem by La French Tech. This rapidly growing company, who doubled in size in the last year alone, has raised $17 million in Series B funding to extend its leadership position in conversion rate optimization, expand its R&D team and accelerate its commercial development in the U.S.